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Beyond the Buzz: Daniel Faber

October 2021

Delve into the highlights of an inspiring conversation with space entrepreneur Daniel Faber. Held as part of the National Industry Space Hub, this enlightening discussion unveils the visionary ideas and insights shared by one of the world's leading pioneers in the field. 

Cicada Spotlight: Dr Sonu Bhaskar

September 2022

Discover the journey of Dr. Sonu Bhaskar, a visionary innovator who has transformed his passion for neuroscience into groundbreaking achievements. From completing Cicada's Specialisations course to founding the world's first Blood Clot BioBank, this blog post highlights his inspiring story. 

Beyond the Buzz: Courtney Hohne

November 2021

Explore the world of radical and fearless innovation with X, the moonshot factory under Alphabet. In this blog post, delve into a conversation with Courtney Hohne, Chief Storyteller of X, where we unravel the unique culture and mindsets that drive their success in tackling global challenges. 

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